Notary Public

SRM Lawyers’ Renee Stevens is a Notary Public and can assist you with documentation required for overseas use that cannot be dealt with by a local lawyer or justice of the peace.

A Notary Public is a practising lawyer with at least 5 years standing, appointed by statute to hold a unique public office.

The most common tasks of a notary include:

  • authenticating official, government and personal
  •  documents and information for use overseas;
  • witnessing signatures of individuals to documents and authenticating identity;
  • witnessing Powers of Attorney for use overseas;
  • certifying true copies of documents for use overseas;
  • witnessing documents and authenticating status and transactions for corporations; and
  • dealing with documentation for land, property and deceased estates overseas.

In many instances, the documents to be sent overseas require the signature and seal of the notary to be legalised/authenticated by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). Once DFAT issues its certificate and attaches it to the notary’s document, the document may also have to be certified at the Consulate or Embassy of the foreign country to which it is to be sent.

Should you require notarial services, please contact us. It will also be helpful for you to read these tips published by the Society of Notaries of NSW, so that you understand the usual process for notarising documents.

If you are unsure about what notarial functions are required, we are able to advise on the specific DFAT and Consulate requirements for the relevant country.

Our fees are charged in accordance with the Notaries Recommended Scale of Fees. Depending on the notarial services required, it may be necessary for us to charge on an hourly rate basis.  Once we ascertain the nature of the service required, we will be able to advise you more specifically on the fees involved. Click here to access the list of fees published by the Society of Notaries of NSW.